Organised Office Filing

The primary purpose of filing cabinets is for filing storage. Imagine how chaotic any office or study will be without filing drawers and office cupboards. More importantly, it is easy to retrieve things when documents are neatly organised and stored. Metal cabinets can store specific sizes of files such as legal-size documents. 


Obviously, metal cabinets are less resistant to fire because of the material. Storing sensitive documents in metal cabinets will protect them from fire hazards. There are also filing cabinets which are guaranteed to be fire-resistant because they are made from reinforced steel. 


Other cabinets have withstood crash and drop tests. While these cost more than the average price of a metal cabinet, they are excellent storage solutions for legal and financial documents.


Metal cupboards come in various sizes and in general, have enough space to accommodate a large number of files and documents. 


Metal filing cabinets have secure locking systems which guarantee the safety of stored documents. In addition, this kind of office equipment is difficult to open because it has filing cabinet locks. 

Choose Neat Cabinet Systems because…

Our systems can include lockable drawers and cabinets.

We offer childproof locking mechanisms

We have a range of post formed Formica/laminated worktops

Fully customized tool cabinet

Our modular system allows you to add on as you go

Professional advice to optimize your space usage

Allows for DIY installation (professional installation optional)

We have a range of floor coverings also available

Store all your hazardous chemicals safely in closed cabinets

Keep dangerous utensils safe with lockable drawers

Convenient access to your tools, utensils etc.

We offer a 2 Year Warranty