Wall Mounted Cabinets

Wall Mounted Cabinets is the term used to describe the top cabinetry that is suspended above the counter space, as opposed to the base cabinets that sit on the floor. A door must be included for the fixture to be referred to as a cabinet. Since the lower edge is visible, a bottom edge molding is often incorporated. Using wall mount racks rather than just having servers and other computer equipment placed on a tablet is very smart. For times when only a small number of pieces of equipment need to be stored, is also a much better option than using the large data center server racks.

Advantages of Wall mounted Cabinets

Efficient Use of Space – Rather than having to have a large rack taking up floor space, the servers and other equipment can be placed on almost any wall so everything is up and out of the way.
Easy Cable Into Walls – Running cabling behind the walls is a clean and convenient option. With wall mount cabinets, it is easier than ever.
Secure Protection – Wall mount cabinets help keep computer equipment safe and secure. They are out of the way so they won't get bumped, and many models have locks to keep the risk of unauthorized access to a minimum.
Proper Air Flow – All enclosed wall mounts are designed with proper air flow in mind to help ensure the computer equipment doesn't overheat.
Easy Access – Accessing the equipment is quick and easy thanks to the hinged doors and smart designs.